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Working on Friday night.

my TSFA is now opened

Death of a storm door

Food with a bit of WHINE added...

Tuesday, Jan 27/09

Monday Jan 26/09

Sunday Jan 25/09

home @ last

student loan update jan 24/09

Friday Jan 23, 09

Thursday Jan 22/09 and my property mess is being sorted out.

Pay day Blues

Anticipated spending today

Tuesday Jan 20/09

Update on my car

Spending today Jan 18/09

I just realized something

U[pdate on car

Next time the oil light comes on pay closer attention

good news Friday Jan 16/09

It's frrezing outside.

Thursday morning

Spending , Wednseday Jan 14, 09

No spend day Jan 13, 09

MY Monthly Budget


Karma and popcorn seasoning!

Sunday spends, Jan 11/09 and other notes

Money made today

Student loan update Jan 10/09

Np spend day, Jan 9, 09

Good news!

A update on Yesterday

Good intentions ????

Trying to get motivated this morning!

Tuesday's are long days Jan 6/09

Spending today and the work proposal

Lazy Sunday, Jan 4/09

finished spending for the day

Spending so far today...


First goal for 2009 completed!

Goals for 2009