Trying to get motivated this morning!

I'm trying to get it together this morning, but all I want to do is go back to bed.

I know I have another long day ahead ( work, read reports and e-mails, meeting # 1, meeting #2, read more and computer work, lunch, more reading and talking on the phone, inventory, another meeting more talking and more computer work, leave work, off to the grocery store, home, groceries away, cook supper, clean house ( I'm getting the bulk done tonight ) then bed!

Today is a day I wish there was someone else to share the load! ( I don't get like this very often, but let me wallow in self -pity for about 5 seconds). OK, I feel better already.

I have abut 100 to spend om groceries of i so chose ( I'm out of a lot of staples), I've got my list done and I'm going to go get ready for work! Thanks for letting me rant.... I needed it...

Have the best day you can everyone.


Canadian Saver said…
I got tired just reading your list!! Are you getting the crappy weather too on top of all that??

Have a good day!
I'm not sure, I heard a rumor about it. If it's really bad, I'll stay home, I saved 55 hours of vacation for this reason!
Money Minder said…
Hope your day gets better.

Everything feels worse in the winter. Long days are more bearable in the summer.

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