my TSFA is now opened

I opened my TSFA today. I'm going to cancel my bond and switch to TFSA. I currently contribute 50/pay bond, 25/pay EF and 10/pay XMAS but I'm going to reduce it to 25/pay to the TFSA, 25/pay EF and 10/XMAS. The pther 25/pay will go to debt reduction ( Student loan).

I also swithced all my GIC's to mutal funds, so I'll be a actual investor now... LOL

I popped into work this morning and an going to be given a new task starting Monday... I LOVE CHALLENGES! I've managed to take a job that ws only supposed to last about 4 months into a totally new direction and for sure at least 1 year if not longer!

I've got to go and pick up DD, and get ready to work @ the PT job, more money.... For debt reduction.....


Canadian Saver said…
Congratulations!! Are other people around you opening TFSAs?? I mention it to a few people and they look at me like I have 2 heads... yet it's been all over the news.....!?
A few of my FT work friends are ( maybe 3), most don't have a clue what its all about. I don't get it.

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