Pay day Blues

I have a case of pay day blues!

I can get my car today. Its going to cost 756.70. When they took the thing apart, the alternator belt was almost gone and something else ( I can't remember). 300 went to labour, and the rest for parts, taxes and towing. I had to borrow money from my line of credit (400.00 ) to be exact.

Last night ( yesterday was a PMS day) after hearing the news about my car I made hot chocolate put a double shot of Bailey's in it, sat in bed, read and drank the hot chocolate. It was damn good!

I have all my bills paid except for plowing 68.00, repair to the furnace 75.00 and visa 300.00.

I have almost all the money saved for puppy operation next week, and i did not want to touch that money, more did I want to touch my Christmas fund.

On a more positive note, the drying rack that I got a rain check from is in, but now I need to find my CT money and rain check. I'm hoping this will reduce my hydro bill.

Right now I'm trying very hard to be thankful that I have food in my fridge, oil in the tank and soon my car back.( which has a full tank of gas)

I'll have to spend money today, but my plan is going to be to have a no spend week-end. Monday I have to pay the visa and the other 2 bills.

Yesterday I bought dog food and treats -49.04
Bulk barn- 2.56 ( pasta, tahini and dried chick peas)
Groceries @ WM -18.69
lotto tickets-6.00 ( and I didn't win)
I had a 105 cash and came home with 0.62...

I'm trying to keep all my receipts so I can track my spending better in regards to groceries, pets, etc. I think I'll go over them @ the end of the month and add everything together.

I've got to go get ready for work, I'm going in early again... I'm trying to clear back log off my desk, to no avail...


Money Minder said…
DAYUM!!!!! That car bill is a nasty shot - hope the Bailey's took the edge off.

At least it's fixable and you don't have to replace it.

Hope you have a good day and get lots of work cleared off your desk.
I got some of the back log done, but I'm going in early again to finish one pile of stuff. I'm glad the car is finished. I'm going to pick up DD's coat from the dry cleaners after, and to CT to pick up the drying rack.
Canadian Saver said…
That's NOT a nice surprise at the garage... sorry to hear it was so high :-(

Bailey's is great, isn't it? I bought some Häagen-Dazs Bailey's ice cream last month and I ate it by the spoonful... it was orgasmic!

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