MY Monthly Budget

Here goes :

FT Pay =1065 net /biweekly =2130 monthly
PT pay = twice /moth average pay 160 =320/month
CTC =100/monthly
Average tips/week =100 weekly =400 month

=2950/monthly income

What goes out:


mortgage-250 ( my mortgage payment is 216/ biweekly, payment for the extra life insurance (11.00) and the house insurance @ 48.00/month

student loan -250/biweekly
LOC #1 79.00/biweekly
RRSP -50/biweekly
savings account #1 25.00/biweekly
Christmas account 10.00/biweekly

monthly expenses;

phone/internet bill -100.00
hydro -130.00
satellite -40.00
visa -300.00
car insurance - 53.00
water - 55.00
LOC #2-90.00

= 988.00

gas 80.00
haircuts. etc 50.00
pets -75.00
health /dental -25.00


Groceries =75.00/week average


the total there is about 2800 and I probably forgot something...

If I don't work a second job, I'd be getting further and further in debt every month ( that's what I did the first 2 years I owned my house, I had everything budgeted to a T and my child support payments stopped about 2 months after i bought my house LOL).

SO for now I just do what has to be done and I'll continue to work the second job for @ least another couple of years, or maybe I'll always work 2 jobs, who knows?

I could sell my house but a decent apartment would cost me the same or more than my mortgage and bills.

Feel free to comment or make suggestions...



Simplelivin' said…
If you don't do this already, keep track of every cent you spent for a month. Then list them out in order of importance. You may have to cut out some things (like satellite or the internet) for awhile until you get out of debt. You'd be surprise how much 1 cup of coffee a week adds up too. Maybe try taking public transportation or walking when you can to save on gas. Little changes add up.

Good luck!!!
Canadian Saver said…
I think you make great money at your p/t job for 2 evenings a week... lucky you! It'll surely help lots to pay down your debt.

Do you have a get-out-of-debt date? I found that motivated me lots :-) Not that you're not motivated, but just in case you wanted to cut back to 1 night/week at your p/t job or something :-)

Too bad about the child support... I thought that had to be paid up to age 18??
My target date for my student loan is Nov 1, 2009. My target date for my visa and LOC is March 1, 2011 ( if not sooner). I';; be saving 15/month starting in FEb on the phone bill, I've canceled the long -distance plan that I had for my phone. I'll leave a message on my phone saying sorry can't call back.

As far as canceling the satellite, I have the basic package and the 40/month for it is worth every penny.

My town has no public transportation and my workplace is about 6 kms from my home and I'd car pool but none of my co-workers live close to me.

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