Monday Jan 26/09

1/2 of my work @! work couldn't be done because of computer upgrades on the week-end and someone changed 1 little detail and not a single soul could access the system... It did give me an opportunity to check something out and I've found something that really peaked my curiosity. I spoke to my boss and he's given me the green light to do some more investigating. I can see a trip coming my way to check this out.

I spent 300 paying my visa today and 14.54 on groceries. I did nothing else and an going to bed very shortly as my satellite won't pick up a signal.

The dog chewed my glasses this morning while I was in the shower. I have nice teeth marks on the lenses. So, I'm going to order some contacts in the next few weeks and get my prescription for my glasses to order some on line.

I've got to work both jobs tomorrow so wish me luck. 60.00 would be a good feeling, as it looks like I'll need gas. My goal is not to spend any more money other than gas and tobacco (Wednesday) for the rest of the month.


Simplelivin' said…
I'm not sure how much your insurance covers, but I know most only cover either contacts, or glasses. Check out for cheaper glasses.

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