home @ last

Today was a good day. I'm sick with either another sinus infection or I'm allergic to the dog... I've had filled sinuses pretty much since I've brought him home. LOL . I did tons laundry today, now I just need to put it away. I made 75.00 @ work tonight. Not bad considering it was quiet for a Saturday night. I didn't spend any money today either! My next pay from my PT job should be decent, around 250.00. ( This money will go towards the legal bill).

Tomorrow morning I'm going to clean for a couple of hours and then I'm going to visit with a friend for a bit. The afternoon I want to cook and bake., Then its back to work on Monday. I'm thinking of taking next Friday off, as I have an appointment @ the bank, and puppy will be recovering from his surgery.


Money Minder said…
I hope you're not allergic to the puppy!

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