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So my first challenge started today...

October first is almost here and ...

Sunday and Monday spends

18 years ago...

Note to self... don't play around with blogger when your tired!

Being forgetful part 2

the cost of being forgetful

So, I've agreed to Live Consciously and with Purpose for the next Year?

My work space looks like a bomb hit it...

Monday's Menu plan and other thoughts..

Another adventure with lice ( and it's not in my family this time!)

Saturday's done

I'm starting to scare myself

Thursday spends and other news...

Going over my budget for September.

Here's how my weekly schedule is looking, today's spends and a meal plan of sorts

The week-end

So, I just wanted to send a message...

I'm done paying EI and CPP for the year!

Hides head due to spending in August

Tomorrow's the day..

I felt very young today...

Not tracking my money for the past few days... But closely tracking Earl