Today was another busy day @ work. I spent 26.23 @ the grocery store today. plus my sister picked up the specials @ Sobey's, so I probably owe her 10.00 for that.

I'm trying to keep all my receipts this year, so I can track better what I buy when. I still have 25.00 left in my jar to go towards gas. I work @ the restaurant tomorrow night and I hope to make a minimum of 20.00.

Tomorrow I'll complete an expense for, for work and should have over 70.00 coming to me. Plus I got my bill today for having my furnace repaired back in early December. I owe 75.00; 55.00 for labour and a little under 20 for the part.

So I'll need to make 125.00 this week in tips @ the least! Wish me luck... ( Next week I should just need milk, bread and fruit for groceries)


Canadian Saver said…
I'd like to hear about how you budget... what exactly do your tips pay for?

I'm always interested in different budgeting methods :-) My part-time income is usually set aside, separate from my regular expenses (but I don't make nearly as much at my p/t job as you do...)

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