Working on Friday night.

I worked last night and I made 70.00. It didn't seem too busy, and I had an awesome team working with me ( I'm so blessed to work with the crew that's there right now). When I put the numbers in last night while talking to the owner, I realized that we had completed a 1700 hour with out a glitch!

I did post a short comment on another role I've been given at my FT job. I'll be coordinating staffing ratios and checking for conflicting appointments and doing some scheduling. ( I'm so pleased that I've been this chance to shine).

Today my plan is to clean, clean and clean some more. ( I'm also including paper shredding and organizing my filing cabinet in this).

I did spend 17.00 @ the store yesterday on my demon.( one last thing to beat)


Canadian Saver said…
Things are certainly going well for you at work, both jobs!! good luck with the new challenge on Monday :-)cato

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