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Friday spends


Living my life...

How much snow, you ask?

Tuesday, Feb 24/09

The storm

The Vinyl Cafe

DD got her bass!

Student loan balance Feb 21/09 and other notes...


I want a vacation!

wednesday, february 18/09

Tuesday Feb 17/09

Monday Feb 16/09

Sunday, Feb 15/09

Valentine's day is over.

update on physio

Thursday Feb 12/09 and early morning of Friday the 13th

Mortgage renewal talks begin...

Tuesday, Feb 10/09

The cost of groceries.

Monday Feb 9/09

Sunday Feb 8, 2009

LAst night...

Saturday morning musings

I got my talking to today ( as expected)

Puppy and his cone...

Today's spending Feb 5/09

Spending money on my addiction

Thanks for letting me borrow this CS...

Home from work...

Passing it on money wise and groceries

The End of the week-end :(

Overview of January/ year goals