Thursday Jan 22/09 and my property mess is being sorted out.

Yesterday I spent 757.75 on the car. I spent 19.04 @ CT on my new stainless steel drying rack ( It was on sale for 27.49 a couple of weeks ago and I had a rain check, plus I had 13.05 in CT money. I also bought a lint brush for 1.69 and DD a cadbury cream egg for .99). I also spent 14.41 on dry cleaning and 21.00 @ the store ( 2x tobacco and 4 on a lotto ticket).

I'm still feeling cranky and irritated LOL but trying to smile my way through it. I'll be glad to see today @ 4:30. I'll be going in early again today so I have an hour or so with no one around to get things done.

I have no big plans for the week-end. I'll clean tonight and probably be in bed early.

I forgot to add that I got an assessment from income tax. I owe them 42.50 of which 2.29 is interest. Just what I needed another bill.
An update on my missing property...

The land is now officially mine for a cost of 235.00. Now I need to get everything settled into land titles, total for that including legal fees probably close to 1,000. A friend recommended I call the real estate board for the province and see if they'll help off set the costs as it was partially their fault.

I just may have to find a 3rd job for a few months.LOL


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