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Jan 17/19

So this first month of 2019 is now half over. And what's been happening around here?

Not much! ( Which is a good thing).

I'm still attending appointments every week... I'm making a conscious effort to keep one day during the week free, but some weeks that's impossible. I'm still on a gradual return to work at my Ft job and working little bits at my PT job.

Today is my free day, so I'll be doing some house work, visiting with my cousin and picking up DB at his home and bring him here for supper.  It's easier for me to pick him up than for his dad to leave work, pick him up and come back which would be an hour for him. It's the same for me, but it gives LG time to rest his back, shower and relax for a bit. My plan is to have everything prepped for supper, and then cook it when we get back.

My money is less than what I have had, but i'm making it work! I have 11 years left on my mortgage, and 7 of the LOC. I'm hoping to have both gone by Dec 2025.…

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