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Jan 31/18

It's the end of January, and one month down for 2018!

Things here are going good. I've had a slight slip and fall at work a few weeks ago, and have spent much time at the chiropractors office and today I had my first appointment with a sports rehabs guy... He's amazing... and so is my chiropractor. They're keeping me upright and mobile. :) I've reinflamed my old injuries from 2008, so they're working through some pretty dense scar tissue and some old trauma to the muscle... But I am feeling better than I have in a long time!

LG and I are going on a trip to northern Ontario when school is done for the year with DB to visit his extended family up there. I have two weeks between trips... I'll be busy working then LOL.

The dogs are good, my male is slowing down a lot, but he's still my puppy! My girl is still a diva... That'll be forever I think!

My momma has turned into a yoga lover and goes three times a week now. I love how her social circle is expan…

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