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I've fallen off the radar...

The past 7 weeks have been a bit of a whirl wind... I've read some of your updates but not all... I hope that the spring/ fall depending where yo live has been kind to you so far.

Since my last update, LG has under gone a MRI, a consultation with a neurosurgeon and under went minimally invasive back surgery! It was a huge success! He has no more pain, he's allowed to drive again and to see the difference in him has been amazing. it was a crazy few weeks, but we made it through it.

I took the first part of a course, now I have to do the hands on part, which will take me about 6 months or so. I really enjoyed it, but I had some challenges... My dyslexia, which has been always been slowly simmering in the back ground, was in high gear. right left, up, down, b-d, p-q, posed some serious challenges. I made it work for me, not without some tears and being upset with myself  ( feeling stupid like I did as a kid for brief moments of time). I had to stop and remind myself that I could …

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