Tuesday, March 7, 2017

The road to H@ll is paved with good intentions...

Today is March 7. I have good intentions of blogging more that once every few weeks. but time seems to be slipping by so fast!

It's been a week since Lent began ( I'm a non practicing Roman Catholic, but I still find solace in many of the practices of the church, not all of them lol). I saw on FB, the recommendation to gather one item a day to donate during Lent and then pass it forward when Lent is over in 40 days. I like the idea od good deeds and good intentions, plus the added bonus of ridding my home of items that are still useful, but no longer serve a purpose here in my home. My first place to donate to is going to be the local SPCA ( I'm going to drop 12 items off there in the next two days, old sheets, blankets, etc).

My next items to donate will be books. I'll be donating the books to the local autism centre, the local library, and a women's shelter. My magazines are going to a local seniors home.

The rest of the items will go to the Sally Ann. There are things like a rice cooker, a food slicer, a toaster oven, etc...

I also want to go through my Christmas stuff and get a bin ready for DD of her things. Plus, I have lots more papers to get through... I've got a lot of paper shredded, now I just need to get the rest in some semblance of order.  LOL.

My house is getting a little cleaner, and I disposed of everything from my last job, with the exception of a few pieces of paper and a Tigger stuffie that makes me smile every time I see him.

I've also taken back control over my eating habits, and I'm starting to feel better. Focusing on eating more veggies, less refined things. Plus I love to bargain hunt for good food...  

 the weather is getting better. :) Which means dirty dogs... and dirty floors... lots of sweeping and quick mops happening!

I keep finding pieces of paper that I've written hopes and dreams od over the years... It's quite interesting to see how many of them have happened! I guess what they say is true, writing it down is more likely to make it happen!

It's March break here, and the land of the 3.00 movie matinee, my sister, nephew and DB and I enjoyed fantastical beasts and where to find them this morning. For less than 15.00, BD and I went to the movies, with popcorn included... :) He's spending most of his time with his mom over March break, but will spend every second night with his dad.  I don't think that he shared that with his parents, but tells me this stuff... LOL

I'll be working my first shift in three weeks at my pt job tomorrow.  I'm excited, as I managed to have 150 for everything last for 2 weeks... Gas, groceries, etc... I still have 19.46 in my account... :) 

I did my taxes and for the first time in years, I'll be getting a small amount of money back. I'll buy some extra RRSP's next year ( about 600.00) and I should break even.

I think that is enough for now! Happy Tuesday!


Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Hello all! I'm still here!

I've been off work for almost three weeks and I'm going back tomorrow... My blood pressure shot up and  they sent me home from work. I've been kicking back, getting my house cleaned, dogs walked and healing. My FT job is a high stress job. A lot of my health issues have a direct link to my job.  Shift work, high stress, long hours all play a part. I've gained a ton of weight, all on my middle...  After discussions with the Chiropractor, it's my cordisol level along with hormones that are out of whack.

I've felt like shit since I quit smoking ( ironic isn't it). I've got almost 7 months in now, and it takes up to two years for all the toxins to be released from the body. Think of it like an onion, the toxins are slowly being released layer by layer...  I'm impatient and I want it fixed now! But i have to slow down and heal...  Now, it's up to me to work at improving my health one day at a time! Oh and after nine years, I get to get an xray of my back... LOL. Better later than never.

I've been cleaning out my house while I was home for almost three weeks. I've shredded, disposed of and started a donate pile for both the SPCA and the Sally Ann. I'me slowly going through the "Cure" to get the house in order.

I'll be doing my income taxes soon and I'm hoping that I break even this year! I over paid last year by 550.00. Oops...

LG and I are doing good. We see each other 4 or 5 days a week, and talk on the phone every day. In March we'll have 18 months in... Now, how is that for news! I'm very grateful that he's here!

I found while cleaning, a list of weekly ideas for this blog...  I may start writing more, as in the past this has been a huge stress buster for me!

I'm starting back on the rotation of t2 days, 2 nights this week, so wish me luck! I'm sure that i'll be a hot mess come Saturday morning... But i will survive and thrive!

:) Sam

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Feb 2/17

It's ground Hogs day! And Shubanacadie Sam didn't see his shadow! Early spring! One can hope!

What's been happening around here? Lots...  See the photos? These were taken a week ago, after the ice storm that pretty much crippled parts of New Brunswick!

I lost my power from Wednesday the 25 at noon until Saturday the 28th at around 10 am. I lost a little bit of food, mayo, ranch dressing and a few other things. My freezer items went to my mom's and  I've been slowly bringing things back. I made out lucky, there are still people with no power and power crews from Maine, Quebec and  Nova Scotia are still working on getting the lines back up. If you're interested, google New Brunswick ice storm, and you'll see some amazing images...

Friday, January 13, 2017

Jan 13/17

Hello all! I survived going back to work... I am looking forward to starting nights again... when that is going to happen is anyone's guess.  LOL

I'm working a little more than I want to at the restaurant as I need to make up the  difference for my new heating system ( 1000).  The quote from the company I had come in was a whole new system for 6600...  Minus my 1000 deductable. The insurance company received a quote for 6600 for just the furnace., minus the 1000 deductible. I went with having an entire new system put in. It's a bigger unit and considering that I've spent over 2000 in repairs on the old one that was installed in 2012... A much better idea. My insurance rates will increase somewhat, but I'm ok with that. They're also going to send a check to have the duct work cleaned and they're going to pay the difference in my heat bill. :) All in all it will have been close to 10,000 in costs...

The new outdoor unit and furnace are here, waiting to be installed on Monday. The check arrived today, so I need to get to the back to deposit that! I can give the contractor 5600 on Monday. :)

The dogs are good, I'm going to walk them in a few minutes. LG is good, DB is sick with a virus right now... Poor kid... He doesn't like to be sick. My girl is doing good. She had a quiet Christmas, and is hoping to get home for Christmas 2017.  I've got to run, as the dogs need to be walked, I have to go back to the physio and get ready for work too. 

Monday, January 2, 2017

Jan 2/2017

Today is the second day of 2017. A new year, a new start to things. I took a quick glance at two of my long time blogging friends posts today... Jolie and  Jane... Both have hit a note with me today.

For the next 363 days, what am i going to do with my life? To be honest, i have no clue besides work. So I'll be asking myself, what are you going to do with your time! ( thanks Jolie, I need this)

The second part is dealing with the black dog of depression... It's rearing its ugly head again... Fawk... It's been a long time... The hardest part is admitting it, and I've acknowledged it very early this time.  I know that a huge part of why it's back is lack of physical exercise and my eating habits have been terrible for the past month or so, too much sugar and fat for sure... I function best on a routine of sorts, and for the past while, my life has been scattered... I've done this to myself and will be working on getting it back.

So I will say that my goal for the next 363 days is to begin to peel off the depression, and allow my physical body to heal again...

This are good with LG, we had a lovely Christmas break. The weather did not cooperate with our plans for News Years, so we stayed put.

I had an electrical fire in my furnace on the 21st of December... Still waiting for quotes to have it repaired... I have heat thanks to the guy who is the contact point... The insurance company will be paying for the heat bill this month...  ( that may also be involved in the depression)...

All I know for sure is that I feel way better now that I've acknowledged the issue... Thanks again dear readers... All the best in 2017!

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

I'm still here... LOL Dec 20/16

I still pop in and write every once in a while, plus read too. I'll be very honest and say that it may be time in the next year or so to wrap things up here, and say good by to the original ostrich... LOL

I will say things are good. I'm happy with my relationship with LG and continue to build a relationship with DB... My DD is going good... My family is happy and healthy, we're all employed and growing as people.

The dogs are good, my poor boy is slowing down... 

I'm still working both places... LOL Not sure if that will ever change.

I'm ready for Christmas, the tree is up and the mantel is decorated. The gifts are bought, some will be delivered today and tomorrow.  I'm not working anywhere from Dec 24 to Jan 3... A well desevered break. LG is off the same amount of time.

I;m looking forward to time spent with family and friends...

Have a wonderful day and holiday season.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Monday November 28/16

It seems that I post about every two weeks or so in the past year... I can;t make any promises to do more than this...

Life is ticking along as normal. DD is doing pretty good, living her life, with some small struggles, but without the struggles one doesn't grow... I'll miss her again like crazy this Christmas, but I'm hoping to see her sometime is the late winter. I'll mail her parcel out this week and one of her best friends is going to see her in a few weeks, so i'll be able to send some salsa and stuff up to her! :)

We celebrated LG's birthday this past week. I bought him new work boots, as he like many of us, will do for others before our selves... He;s got some happy feet now...  I picked up a hat for him from his son, which thrilled his son and him...  I baked a cake and learned that you really shouldn;t substitute baking powder for cream of tartar and baking soda...  DB iced and decorated the cake. We had cake number 1 at 11 am...

Saturday afternoon I decorated the outside of the house and puttered around. We went for supper on Saturday evening with his parents and had a visit with his parents and cake too. Sunday morning found us making a big breakfast, doing some house work and outside work. The dogs got a long walk, my mom joined us for supper and db stayed on the couch most of the day as he was sick.

Things as good here, and I hope they are the same for you as well. Life is not perfect, but it is good!

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