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April 16/18

April is half over, the snow banks are still around, but the robins have been back for over a week ( Now if only the weather would cooperate!). We're getting the ice storm that Ontario got over the weekend tonight. YUCK! I'm hoping that the weather will settle down soon, but we're also supposed to get a snow storm Thursday into Friday.

Things just keeping moving on around here. The past week time has been spent reading the news about the  Humbodlt hockey team and the tragedy that occurred ( like I'm sure most Canadians did).  So sad.  It bring up memories of loss and sorrow all around. I'm glad to see Canadians pull together. ( and other countries offer sympathies too).

I'm gaining my health back slowly, but its' coming! yeah for being able to have gained almost full movement of my left shoulder again!

LG and I are doing good. He's a good man who's patient with me and my quirks! As I am with him! My DD is doing good, she's stepping into a new ro…

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