Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Tuesday, it's a snow day...

I decided to use a vacation day and stay home from work today. I'd be headed out to work during the height of the storm and since the RCMP are advising people to stay home, that's what I'm going to do. I told my boss at work that I was staying home, and got everything all the work I could do, done for Wednesday.

I'm going to venture out shortly to give the dogs a quick walk before it gets really nasty out there, and fingers crossed they'll burn off some energy. Although, right now they're both curled up sleeping, and don't seem too interested in going anywhere. I suspect that this will change once I move from the computer.

I spent 30 on groceries this week. I'm thinking that it I spent in total less than 200 for the month. More than the 125 I originally set,  but not overly extravagant. I haven't used a cc since the 2nd, when I was caught at the grocery store with no cash and no bank card...  I made it to the gym 11 times this month, with 3 more possible days to go for me. I fall slightly short of my goal for 16 time, but I'm still happy with my record.

I've spent an average of 25.00/week for gas, and I'm happy with this!

Today, I'm going to do some things I've been putting off for a while... Like organizing papers and doing some work in the basement...

Happy storm day!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Thursday, Jan 22/15

It's been another whirl wind week. Work at my PT job has been busy ( and I've surpassed my month goal already with three shifts left to work for the month), my FT job has been just as busy... I even did a split shift one day, and ended up with 1.5 hours of OT that will be tucked away in the bank for a day off in the future.

I made it to the gym 3 days so far, and will go again tomorrow. I saw the chiropractor yesterday and I've booked a massage for next week to help loosen my tight back muscles... I proclaim this year as the Year of self care... Healing the mind, body and spirit...

The dogs are doing good... They've been troopers dealing with the cold weather. I'll walk them later on this afternoon, when the temperature warms up a bit more.

I have a hair appointment on Friday ( the money is tucked away for that) and I have 50.00 for groceries and entertainment this week. It's supposed to storm Sunday, so I'll hunker down that day, and spend it reading, watching tv,  talking on the phone, cooking and baking, and of course, shoveling snow...  If I'm really smart, I'll postpone the grocery shopping until Tuesday and make due with what's here... I think that maybe the best idea, as I have plenty of food and this way I'll get creative with my meals... Maybe I'll make some turkey soup... and freeze it... Now, I'm got my brain running, just thinking of the food I can create this weekend.

I've got to do some housework, so that I can play on Saturday. I'm not sure what I'm going to do, but I may splurge and pay a whole 2.00 to go snow shoeing on a groomed trail... Then, perhaps a movie and some snacks at home with some friends...  I'll keep you posted...

Happy Thursday all!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Sunday, the day of the week that is all mine...

With the odd exception, Sunday is my day off... I love just knowing that I don't have to be anywhere, I have no demands made of my time, and I can just be...

This morning I was up at 6:30, make a pot of coffee, put the dogs out, read, changed my bed, and generally puttering around the house. My mom and I went out for breakfast, then I came home, turned the tv and fell asleep for almost two hours... I then got up, walked the dogs, no off leash today, as the snowmobile-rs were driving fast and not slowing down down at all... way too scary to be on the trail and have them flying by, and one dog attempting to lunge at the riders, while the other one is trying hide behind my legs....

I filled the gas tank, 25 litres for 22.65 cents, and stopped at the second hand book store, where I picked up 3 books for 12.00.  ( I spent 14.50 on breakfast and the tip).

I'm ready for the week, I have meals prepped, a rough meal plan in place and my clothes are ready for the week...  I chatted with DD on the phone and we were both getting ready to bake some cookies. I'm going to make oatmeal raisin.. Yummy...  I'll finish off the evening with a soak in the tub and some tv time...

How was your weekend?

Friday, January 16, 2015

Finally a few answers...

First, I'll answer a question Jane had about my heating system. I have a heat pump, with an electric furnace. If the surface temperature drops below -20 Celsius , I switch it over to run just off the furnace.

I finally saw the Dr today over the pain in my right side... There is a very small cyst on the right ovary and one on left side too.  The Dr. is going to do a laparoscopic surgery to see what is going on... I feel 100% better knowing that we're moving forward with this! I'll have to take a week off work, but I'm cool with that!

I also made it to the gym 5 times this week... My back is 85% better, and I can't do a few moves yet, but I can see the difference already!

The dogs got their walks in every day but Wednesday. It was way too cold, minus 35 I believe.  They had an impromptu trip to the vets yesterday where my dog had his nails and butt cleaned up, and the female had her nails done... They were very good and entertained while they were there...

I spent 24.00 at the grocery store today, and cashed out 20.00 in free groceries. I got the basics, bread, milk ( white, chocolate and cereal cream), greek yogurt ( I scored 3x750 mls for 9.00)... Peanut butter was on sale for 2.99 so I got two, and some spinach, cauliflower and peppers. Oh, and bread was .99/a loaf... I bought a pack of 5 pork chops for 5.00 too! I think I did very well...

Now, I must go and get ready for work... Happy Friday all!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Sunday morning...

The sun is shining, the temperature is not so cold, the heat pump is finally working! ( I've been having issues with it since I bought it, the young lad that is doing the refrigeration part finally found the issue, a very small thing that had a huge impact!)

I worked my PT job last night, and it was busy! I've been working on the lounge side of the restaurant more lately and I'm loving it...  I had a table last night ask me if I was new, I laughed and said no, I've been here since it opened, but rarely do I work on this side...  I'm on target for meeting my goal of 1,000/month from my pt job... I did the math and I'd have to work 30 OT shifts at my FT job to meet this goal... I'm going to continue working my PT job, as it truly does bring me joy!

I'm also taking part of a 52 weeks savings challenge. So far, I've tucked away 78.00 since Dec 1. Ideally, I'd like to have 800 saved by May 1 to use towards my vacation in PEI this summer, and then save another 800 by Dec 1 for Christmas... Hmmm... that's 50/week... lets see what I can do...

Other than this, it's been a low key week. I've spent very little, money on my bad habit, and paying bills. Today I'll need to venture out and buy dog food and a few groceries ( I figure 40 max as I'm trying to go through the fridge, freezer and pantry this month). I'll need to buy some household stuff too at some point, like paper towel, dryer sheets, laundry soap, etc... Things that I only buy once or twice a year... Maybe I should track what I buy for the house stuff this year and see how much I spend and how long it lasts... That could be interesting!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Thursday, Jan 8/15

Baby, it's cold outside! -35 with the windchill! I put my winter gear on and walked the dogs for a whopping 10 minutes. Enough of them to blown off some steam, and not freeze their paws.

I need to shower and get ready to go to my PT job, and be prepared for my FT job tonight. ) Meal's packed, clothes ready for the switch. 

I didn't go to the gym this morning, I'm pretty sore from yesterday, considering it was a month since I've been there, and my wonky back is letting me know that I have to go slowly at the gym again. I will persevere and by March I'll be back at it in full swing. This is only a temporary set back.

I did sit down with my calendar this morning and figure out bill payments, etc. I had a eureka moment too! I've listed when things are due, and I realized that if I have everything written  out   when they're due, and I preplan the payments, I don't get that sense of doom I usually get worrying about money, rather I had a sense of peace knowing that everything will be paid on time... It may sound simple to some, but for me this was huge...  It's all about the baby steps.

I also received my final pay from my PT job for 2014. I worked 499.25 hours there in 2014. I cleared 4990 in wages.... (I have income tax deducted, plus vacation pay, stat pay, etc), so it was a good balance.

We haven't received notice of our increase from my FT job yet, I'm guessing that it'll be in March. It'll be nice to see a small increase on our pays.

I'll hold off on grocery shopping until Sunday at the earliest, and then buy what's necessary ( I'm guessing 40 tops) for milk, fruit and some veggies.

That my friends, is all i've got for now! Stay safe and warm!

Monday, January 5, 2015

Monday, the 5th of Jan 2015

I've been hobbling around today, battling the mystery pain on my right side once again... only 11 days until I see the Dr... I booked out sick, as I figured I would look unprofessional walking around with a hot water bottle shoved in the waist of my pants.

DD left today. We went grocery shopping in my pantry and fridge last night. She left with the making of chili, and pasta, and some other things to base meals off of. She also packed sandwiches and fruit for her traveling companions. 

Yesterday, it was a stormy, messy day. We shoveled snow, cleaned my mothers driveway, watched netflicks, ate split pea soup with homemade beer bread made by DD. We also had hot chocolate with honey jack daniels and baileys... It was to die for!

And that my friends was the sum of my weekend.

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