Monday, October 17, 2016

Monday October 17, 2016

Hello all,

things here are going decent. Last week was a rough week, I was out of sorts all week, cried every time I turned around and work... Let's just say that it's even crept into my dreams, which hasn't happened for years.  I did however,  focused on eat clean ( i did have some homemade fudge and popcorn from the movie theater). I also walked the dogs every day last week. Which has not been the case at all since February. They were very happy about it, and me too!

LG ( that's what i refer to my boyfriend as), DB ( That's his son) and I had a hard time to coordinate schedules, but we managed to have a late supper on Saturday evening, a marathon of you tube videos and then a quick breakfast together Sunday morning before doing our own things yesterday.  I. along with my mother, swamped out my kitchen. Looks much better and a little better organized. Today, I've working at my pt job for a few hours, then I'll be heading to visit LG for the evening. We're going to carve pumpkins tonight.

Tomorrow I'm going to clean the living room and get it sorted out, then move down the hall to the bedrooms and get them cleaned next week. I already stripped down the beds and did all the bedding a few weeks ago, so that doesn't have to be done again til the spring ( mattress pad, comforters, etc, i change my sheets every week)....

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend and a great week.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Long time no see!

So I'm an absolute slacker these days when it comes to writing anything, including here!

So what's new?

I had a great trip to see DD in Montreal. I only got lost once in Montreal... Yeah Me... I got to traipse around on my own, and spent time getting a mani-pedi... Pure heaven... Plus I bought lots of fresh veggies to make homemade salsa and tomato sauce.

A triple batch of salsa was made the day after i got home with the help of LG.  He loves to make pickles, salsa, etc, so it's amazing... Both of our houses have homemade goodies... Salsa, tomaotes, beets, with more to come... Our little garden at LG's house did well. Green peppers, tomoatoes that are ripening in the house right now, 11 squash is the total haul... We were both really happy with it!

My dogs are always entertaning. My male is getting slower all the time, and LG and I are considering getting a puppy... I'll keep you posted...  The puppy will live here with me...

We just got back from climbing Mt Carelton, the highest point in the maritime provinces.  A total of 14.37 kms were walked... I was pooped when it was all done. I'm so amazed that I/We did it... So pleased :)

It's almost the weekend and turkey day... I hope all is well with you!

Monday, September 12, 2016

Monday, September 12/16

Hello all,

I have been very slack wirting here as of late ( well, i'd say for the past 18 months or so... LOL).

What's new and exciting? I'm heading out tomorrow to visit DD for a few days! Can;t wait and I'm driving... eek...

My back has gone wonky again... Fingers crossed that i get it back to normal soon... it's the 12 hour shifts that is doing it...

LG and i are doing great... Today marks our first date anniversary... I am awed by this... and Super happy!

My dogs are doing good... Well, the female is, my first fur baby, who've I've had for almost as long as this blog is declining rapidly... :(... He's still happy, but his body is falling to pieces...

My family is good, we've had lots of adventures and planning more...  The garden did well at LG's home. We've bottle some tomatoes and dried the skins.. I'll let you all know how they turn out!

I hope everyone is having a great last few days of summer. I'll check in next week!

Oh and I've been tobacco free for over 6 weeks now! :)

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Thursday Aug 25/16

Hello all! The count down in on, in just a smidge over 2 weeks the kids will be back in school, and parents will be doing happy dances all over the country...

We had a great weekend! Canoeing, camp fires, talking, meals made and plans started for a few adventures that will take place through the next year or so...

I worked two days at my pt job, and work three days this week. Only one more morning to get up.  :)

I've finalized plans to go se my DD in three weeks. Yikes, I'm going to drive... double tikes! 

Life contiunes to roll on and I hope every one enjoys these last few days in August.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Aug 15/16

Well folks, it's just about halfway through August... Back to school supplies are selling fast, lots of fresh veggies to be had,  people are starting to panic about things that they haven't accomplished so fat this summer...

I've not smoked since the 31 of July, ... :) I've worked at both placed, attended a wedding reception  Saturday night where almost everyone smoked...and I've survived... :) So far, so good... The few times that the urge has been really strong, I've thought to myself, i have x numbers of days in so far, just breath, go for a walk, etc and get over it...

It's been eight years that I've been writing this blog... I can hardly believe it... I can say that I've been a work in progress for sure! I've learned lots of lessons, some of them over and over again. LOL

LG and I are doing great... It'll be a year in September since we started dating... How's that one for something to ponder! we're going camping this weekend... I'm excited and so is he. DB is coming too, and DB and I are heading down early to set up. LG will join us when he is done work. It'll be a weekend filled with canoeing, walking, meals made together and more memories being made... Plus a trip to the beach and other things like playing cards by lamp light, camp fires, etc...

It's a short work week for me, two days at my FT job, then I'm off for 6, work three off five, work 1.5, then I'm off for another 6 and that will be the end of summer!

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Aug 6/16

This week has been a different one for me... I worked at my FT job for three days, I didn't have a shift at my PT job, which was very nice. I cooked suppers, went to the beach. star gazed last night, checked out the garden at LG's home ( and there's lots of goodies growing).... I managed to get the the gym twice and ...

I have not smoked since the evening of July 31... I'm doing it cold turkey ( plus I've had acupuncture treatments since Feb or March for it, last one was in May). Besides having a fuzzy head for two days, and there's been a few times that the urge is strong.... But I'm working through the emotions behind it and the habits... I'm taking it one minute at a time... so far I have 130 hours in of my new choice of living...

So there we go folks, my past week in a nut shell, and yes, I'm spending very little money these days!

Sunday, July 31, 2016

July 31/16

Today is the last day of July and the last day of vacation for me this week. I had a great week off work, I had a few beach days, tubing, meals out and over all very relaxing week.  August is going to mark the first no spend-low spend month for me this year. I have a few things planned, such as a weekend away camping with LG and friends, another one planned with just gas and grocery money. I'm sure that there will be a few things come up, but my plan is to go as low key as possible...  Trips to the beach, BBQ's at home, veggies purchased from the  farmers market, things like that. I'll look at ways to save more money and get some stuff paid down...

I've been having a great summer so far, and things are good. ( work could always be better, but really, in the grand scheme of things I have no complaints). The dogs are good, everyone is healthy or on the mend, and of course my house could be neater, but its summer....

I hope everyone had an amazing month of July and that August is wonderful for you all!

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