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Nov 23/17

Ok everyone, I'm tired of being sick/ my body not working the way it should! I've been having gall bladder attacks off and on for a few months now, and it's gotten the best of me. I ended up in the er on Tuesday, and I've had the ultrasound done... I'm now waiting for it to be read and to hear from my family dr. With it has come a low grade fever...  and a sinus infection... I said to LG last night, I'm done with being sick, 2018 is going to be a better year health wise! His back has been out 4 times this year... and he's in total agreement with me... It's time to get healthy again...

I've eaten very little in the past few days, toast,eggs, soup and a bit of cheese. Nothing is appealing, but I'm eating because I have to...

It's time to get this body of mine back... Back to being healthy and strong... I'll be working on my plan of action in the next few days, and refocusing my attitude/treatment of my body/health.

Other than that, life is…

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