Spending so far today...

I bought new slippers (5.00), a dog treat 6.48, chips 3.00, Xmas ribbon 4 @ .35, cat food 5 @ .58 =18.78 + 2.44 tax =21.22.

GST checks are in today ( if you get direct deposit), so I put 10.00 in the Christmas fund (now is 20.00), plus 30.00 on my big line of credit.

I have gone 4 days with no Visa usage, nor have I swiped my debit card!

DD made it home safe and sound last night. The train was over 2 hours late, she was very tired but happy! I asked her how much cash she had left and her reply was a lot ( she left with 118.00). She made a comment about if she uses her debit she'll just blow the money, but if its cash only, she'll watch every penny... She's a cash only girl from here on in... ( she'd so much smarter about money than I was @ her age)

PS The dog has almost most finished the 6.48 treat it lasted about a half hour... LOL I'll find something else for him later on today!


Canadian Saver said…
I checked my account a couple times and no GST check for me yet...

Way to go on the no Visa usage!!

Glad DD had a good trip... I wish I had been money wise like her as a teenager too!

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