Good intentions ????

My day so far was fair... I completed all my tasks and was wrapping up for the day when i checked my e-mail ( I was out of my office from 12:30 to 4:15) and had to respond to one right away. The one i had to respond to extended my work day trying to track down documents until 5:45!!! ( and I didn't find the damn things)... I spend 62.?? @ the grocery store and 17.00 @ the store. I'm off to eat supper, return movies and buy lip chap, then I'm going to hunker down for the night! ( We're supposed to get a big storm and if it does I've got projects I can do from home).


Canadian Saver said…
Oh I hate working late!! Do you think we're going to get a big storm? I'm scared of the freezing rain more than anything... hope we don't lose our power!

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