finished spending for the day

I bought dog treats for 3.37 @ Zellers ( and he actually likes 1 so far). I spent not quite 17.00 @ the grocery store on potatoes ( 5.99 for a 10 lb bag) carrots (1.99) cream cheese, pie crust(2.29), baby spinach (3.77) I used my debit for this. One of the high schools was there bagging groceries so I gave them 1.65. La Senza has a good sale right now, so DD and I each got 5 pairs of bloomers for 10.00 (5/15 or 10/20, we got 10/20. She paid, but I'n sure I have to pay her back... LOL

I would like to spend another 35.00 on myself this month for undershirts ( I hate a cold back), and yarn so my mother can knit me some new socks!

Supper tonight was quiche baked in a cast iron frying pan. It was almost like a pizza and really good!

I'm off to watch the hockey game, so good night!


Canadian Saver said…
It must be a rare Saturday night that you are home? It's funny but my friends left to go home and watch the game there as I'm not much of a fan...

Yay for after Christmas sales!
Its was the second time since mid October that I had a Saturday night off! In February I'll start alternating between Friday and Saturday nights... As far as watching the hockey game, I have no remote for the satellite and too lazy to get up and change it very often! Your desserts sounds good! Did you make chocolate macaroons?
Canadian Saver said…
Sam, I just made regular macaroons and we dipped them in the melted Toblerone. Easy.

That'll be cool in February, if you work Friday nights that'll mean you get Saturdays and Sundays off!!

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