Tuesday's are long days Jan 6/09

I've been up since 4:40 am and just got home 20 minutes ago. :)

Spending today 30 for lunch ( I took DD out the bill was 23.?? and I gave the waitress the rest of the change. ( It was a good lunch). DD's didn't write her permit, we went to the wrong place @ the wrong time. I was a bit annoyed as they told me she was supposed to writer it @ 9:30, but I had it in my agenda for 11:30. I was very specific as I have a meeting every day @ 9:00 and don't schedule anything for that time period.... I'll have my mother book the next appointment...

I reworked the proposal again today. Its much better now and has a couple of long term projects in it. ( PRAY THAT THEY LIKE IT), my current job depends on it. LOL ( NO worries I'll never get laid off, I have the 3rd most seniority @ my work place).

I made 55 tonight @ my PT job. I worked until after 10... I found it odd that I had 3 tables in a row that left nothing ( someone else bussed these tables), even odder, the same thing happened to another server ( same person bussed the tables)....What are the odds that 6 tables in less than 1 hour chose not to tip anything? If the money landed in someone elses pocket NOTHING GOOD WILL COME OF THAT MONEY. ( Maybe I'm just tired but it doesn't add up!)(I've got no proof either, but i had one table place my tip under a used napkin LOL)

I've got to go the dog needs to go outside, he ate chicken with Frank's hot sauce and drank a bucket of water and is dancing around...

Today was a good day, tomorrow will be even better.


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