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Never, ever eat at a chain resturant in Halifax

Thrusday's events

Meeting my first of 12 goals for the year!

Working in a shared space and other thoughts

Monday musings

no longer an ostrich...

3 no spend days so far...

2 days of no spending so far this week.

Sunday's kitchen

My dog has fleas... :(

Friday Jan 15, 2010

Mismanagement of my money...

Week-end spending and other stuff

Dreaming of a new to me house!

don't ask how the pictures suddenly appeared on my sidebars and welcome to a new east coast canadian blogger

Back to work but not @ home

Money spent today, January 5, 2010

SO I had to miss work today.

It's so windy outside!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Shopping on New Years Eve.

money tonight