Update on my car

I spoke to my mechanic this afternoon and here's the damage.

01 seal -15.00
01 timing belt-90.00
01 water pump-50.00
4 hours labour @ 60.00 =240.00

395.00 =tax (13%)

This is just a rough estimate. It's going to be tight money wise but I can and will pay cash. ( It may have to sit @ the shop until I have it all,but that's the plan).

I spent 7.00 today on a cab to work. the snow was so high and I didn't want to wait for my parents to plow out. I got to work an hour early today and still didn't get everything accomplished.


Money Minder said…
Ouch! That sux. At least you will be able to pay cash - and you already have most of the money in your EF!

We have lots of snow here too. Driving is dangerous because you can't see around corners when you are turning because the snowbanks are so high!
I know the amount of snow we got is crazy! I was so glad when i got home from work and saw my driveway plowed! I know its expensive but to me its worth every penny. All I have to do is shovel the back door. Right now the mound of snow in my backyard almost touches the clothes line.
Canadian Saver said…
Yikes!! That is a lot :-( Good job for paying cash for it!!

We hardly have any snow here... today it was a big mess of rain and freezing rain. It melted in the afternoon but quickly froze again... not nice in drive ways and parking lots!!
Anonymous said…
Oh no! That really sucks! But, at least you're paying cash! Good for you!!! :-)

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