U[pdate on car

The car was towed this morning.My mechanic wasn't able to look @my car today, so its in his shop for at least the reat of the weekend. A friend drove me to work tonight, and I'm getting a ride hom tonight with a co-worker. I made 90 tonight, so I hit my target I made earlier this week (125.00 was the goal, I made 130.00).

I only plan on spending about 20 for groceries this week, for milk, spinach, strawberries, and bananas. I will need to buy dog food and cat food too. ( the dog food I'll get at WM). I'll most likely get groceries after work on Tuesday.

I spent 21.00 @ the store today on a lottery ticket and tobacco. I also got a coffee 2.00.

Tomorrow and Monday will be no spend days and no drive days! LOL :~)

Got to go its closing time!!!!


Canadian Saver said…
I hope the car can be easily fixed on Monday! I feel weird when I don't have it here at home and have to bum rides. It's not the same!

Way to go on achieving your tips goal this week!!
Thanks for your kind words. I hate having to bum rides, but its cheaper than a cab... I'm very happy about meeting my goal.

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