Spending today and the work proposal

Spending today -9.25 @ the store, 40.00 for DD's appointment.

I got paid from my PT job today, 321.43.

100 to DD , 88.50 for drivers permit ( she writes tomorrow) and 11.50 for my bloomers.
90.00 is going on the satellite bill ( I got paid cash for the PPV on Saturday and used the money for DD's appointment today).
100.00 for the phone bill.
10.00 to the Christmas fund.

I get paid from my FT on Thursday. That pay has the usual 655.00 already designated. Plus 325 for oil, 76 for books, and 55 for car insurance. LOL TG i had OT on that cheque!

I'm going to pay bills now...

Bills are paid and I forgot to say that DD's passport is in the city now, but we have to go pick it up tomorrow!

Update on the job description,

I added just a bit to it on a program that I may facilitate ( if we get the funding). Pray that the higher ups see the need for what I do... I'd like the funding to last until july 2010, then DD is done high school and I'm up for anything!


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