Money made today

I made 100 in tips tonight! This will go towards gas and groceries next week.

I spent 13.90 @ the grocery store today on chicken and cat food. I spent another 21.47 buying yarn ( my mom in knitting me new socks) gloves, toilet bowl brush ( the dog ate the last one LOL) a package of pens and a chew toy for the puppy (my plan for this one is to soak it in a boulion cube over night and let him have fun.).

I also walked the dog for about 40 minutes this afternoon. ( I'm working on this resolutition)

Tomorrow morning will be devoted to finishing up the house work and tomorrow afternoon, who knows. ( Maybe it'll be a lazy afternoon spent reading on the couch or taking the dog for a long walk,maybe I'll bake cookies).

I've got to finish working. CU Later


Frugal Dreamer said…
$100 in tips! Nice!! :-)
Canadian Saver said…
That's a really good chunk of money!!

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