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Good things happening

Making ginger bread houses

No spend days

saturday nights @ the resturant

Saturday spending Nov 29/08

Student loan balance

December's outline

Friday night....

I 'll hit 14 no spend daysfor sure.

away yesterday

How bizzare is this!

2 more days left...

Tuesday are made for making money

Feeling restless

Todays events

Saturday's storm

I won't be spending any money today... nor make any @ work tonight

TGIF, and a possible snow storm!

Thursday's are spend money days!

The snow has begun...

2 days of no spending

I really, really, really want to smoke right now!

I made my own laundry soap, and over spent on groceries !

getting home from work

Student loan balance

food wasted this week, thank you frugal girl!

Not one red cent!

pay day and there's almost nothing left!

Thinking about Christmas


Quitting smoking

making apple pies

Hair cuts and PT job

Shopping today

parent teacher


Tuesday's are long days

Manic Monday's

Student loan update / Sunday spending

Planning my week!

Octobers goals review