Sunday spends, Jan 11/09 and other notes

This morning I went out for breakfast with my family minus DD ( she was not in the mood to go out). I had a loaded omelet, pan fries and toast. I got take out for DD, stuffed french toast. ( It came to 16.80, with tip i ended up paying 24.00 ( yes I tipped big, but part was for my parents too.)

I spent 9.49 @ Sobeys on chips and margarine. I got a rain check from CT for a clothes drying rack ( they're so famous for having very little stock in store), 9.18 @the bulk barn . 6.78 @ CT on the raw hide bones that puppy likes and 17.00 @ the store.

I almost had a no drive day but I had movies to return and its really cold out!

I vacuumed the living room today and the puppy spent most of the time barking @ it. I remembered that out old lab used to love to be vacuumed and decided to try it. He loved it! This could become a daily ritual. LOL ( and cut down on the dog hair)

I've been picking away at the house work, I have more laundry to do, as DD cleaned her room. ( I think I have 6 more loads to do). I'll clean out the bottom drawer of my dresser and toss some old t-shirts. I may do the closet too, as this may only take about 20 minutes tops.

Enjoy your week everyone!


Canadian Saver said…
That's cute about puppy liking to be vacuumed!

I am glad of the decluttering I've done in the closets. Sadly, we still seem to accumulate things year after year...
I managed to put 5 t-shirts into the rag bag, and I have a bag pf stuff to take to the Sally Ann, plus 2 purses. I very seldom carry a purse, and can't see the point of keeping them.

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