It's frrezing outside.

It's so cold today that school has been canceled. I've decided to get ready and go to work early so I can leave early! i want to finish the house work and actually relax this weekend instead of worrying about getting the house cleaned. That's my goal for the day, clean the house tonight ( that includes washing the floors, Wish me luck!

I gave my DD her allowance yesterday 20/for the week. SO I didn't have another no spend day. :(


Canadian Saver said…
It's unreal how cold it is!! I think canceling schools was a really smart thing to do!
It;s crazy how cold it is. The last time it was this cold I was taking a night course 5 years ago. I drove to Freddy beach and stayed at my brothers that night. My car froze up and I ended getting stuck there for 2 extra days. I ended up taking my brothers truck home. I went to lock the door of his truck and the keys snapped off. I was able to get to the dealers and get 2 new keys cut. I crawled under the truck in the parking lot in this kind of weather looking for his key box but it had fallen off some where. I returned his truck to him the next week. It brings back memories.

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