Friday Jan 23, 09

I received my expenses today 82.00 ( Yahoo).

I stopped by my parents after work and my mother has the flu. I stayed b/c my sister's little guy is taking antibiotics and he hates them. So while my sister tried to get it down, i held him down ( I felt like a big meanie). It was not pretty ( I ended up wearing some) but we succeeded.

My mother begged us not to have our father cook himself supper because she'd get sick from the smell , or bring anything into the house either ( actually my mother said if we heard tomorrow that there was a homicide on their street it'd be DAD). We decided to go to BK, and leave my mother alone for a while. I bought my Dad supper and h my sister, my nephew and her husband joined us there for supper. I spent 11.62 for supperm and another 5.00 @ Shoppers.

MY sister passed on the message that mom was looking for gravol and Sussex golden ginger ale ( Only in the Maritimes ) We bought my mothers requests ( at Shoppers)and my Dad thanked me for taking him out, as he is no longer comfortable driving at night ( my Dad'll be 74 this year). I watched my father age a lot this past year, and am glad he no longer drives at night.

DD went to another city for the evening with friends and won't be home until late. So its just me and my boys for the night. ( Puppy and cranky cat). I've been working on the laundry and sweping floors in between taking the puppy outside.

Tomorrow will be the usual cleaning and work tomorrow night. Sunday will be devoted to cooking ( I hope).

Enjoy your week-end all.

PS the money i have left from my expenses is designated for the plowing bill. I'm hoping to make @ least 80.00 tomorrow night, that will pay for the service call and I can scrap up the rest for the VISA.


Canadian Saver said…
I hope your mom feels better soon!! Sussex ginger ale is great :-)
I feel sorry for anyone who hasn't tried it! Its the best, especially when your sick. She's feeling better, she slept for 9 straight hours ( something I don't thinks she done in years)

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