good news Friday Jan 16/09

Well I got my car started this afternoon, after boosting it for almost an hour. My parents have one of those booster things that plug in and you run it like that! I ended up leaving work early and got some house work done. I'll keep plugging away @ this tonight.

I spent 7.00 today on a cab for work. I have other plans for the week-end, just to clean, laundry, work and lots of reading. I do have to go to the library tomorrow and I needed to take my recyclables back, but I'll have them completely sorted before I go.

That's it for me this week-end, I may do more, but for right now that's it for the plans!


Canadian Saver said…
My car wasn't too happy to start this morning, but it ran ok! Sorry you had to get a cab to work :-(
My car sat from 4:30ish yesterday until 7:00 this morning way to long to sit in this cold. I'll run it tomorrow morning first thing. I just had it out so it'll only be sitting for a max of 8 hours.

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