Np spend day, Jan 9, 09

I managed another no spend day today. I worked and still haven't completed 1 task so that's tomorrow morning... It's not that bad, I'm planning to take off next Friday afternoon @ lunch time. I like my planner. I worked on it a bit yesterday.

I also booked puppy's neuter appointment. It;ll cost around 120.00 total and is booked for a couple of weeks time. I have almost enough in my savings account, and will have the whole amount saved by then.

I have a CSB but am considering canceling it and just putting the money into my TFSA? Any thoughts or opinions! I would end up with 1,400 by the end of the year.


Money Minder said…
Good idea putting your CSB money in a TFSA - the interest will be tax free that way.

The gov't has RRSP CSBs, they will probably come out with TFSA CSBs, too.

Where would you earn more interest, with the CSB or a TFSA high interest savings account?
Canadian Saver said…
I thought your puppy was really young, so I'm surprised to hear you're getting him fixed already? I waited til my Lab was 8 months to get the operation done... man it keeps them quiet for a good 24 hours!

Congrats on the no spend :-)

I can't answer your question about CSBs, I've never had any. Money Minder's probably right about the TFSA CSBs, if they have the RRSP ones... You can't seem to lose with anything tax-free though!
Puppy will be just around 6 months when he gets fixed. He acts like a 12 yrs old boy around some of DD's friends, he tugs their pant legs, follows them around and generally does what ever he can to get their attention. CSB interest rate is 2%. RBC rate is 2.75. I think I like the higher rate.
Karissa Dee said…
My PC TFSA is 3.75%, but that could just be a promotional rate. All the other savings accounts have gone down by 0.5% recently.
Canadian Saver said…
Sam, your puppy sure grew up fast!! 6 months is a great time to get them fixed!!

Good luck!

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