Food with a bit of WHINE added...

The cost for the car today, including towing 246.00. The battery was dead and the posts were bad. I cried when the car wouldn't start this afternoon, my dad felt bad and paid for the car. ( I've had a really crappy 10 days!)

Its beginning to storm and I've brought work home for tomorrow.I'm off on Friday and I really feel the need for a break. Puppy's surgery is rescheduled for next week.

I went to the grocery store and bought junk food 2 bags of Dortios, a case of Pepsi, yougurt, apple sausage, hash browns and a lotto ticket..., oh yeah and mushrooms i spent 32.00.

Its either drown my sorrows in food or wine, I'm choosing food with a bit of a WHINE added...

Tomorrow is a new day, I'm going to try to decompress tonight and just get over this black cloud.


Canadian Saver said…
oh man you've had it rough since Christmas really! Big car expenses and it must be so frustrating when it won't start :-(

Don't feel bad about the food, I bought a big cheesecake at Costco, something I never, ever do. PMS maybe???
I've decided that's it with the car. Nothing else is going to happen for a long time with it.

Its running now and I plan on Sunday to drive it for about a half hour or so with out stopping. DQ sounds good, maybe that's what we'll do on Sunday afternoon.

I'd love a run to Costco but nor in the budget next month. I might go if I can get to the home show in Moncton, It'll be renegotiating my mortgage then and am looking for the best items to fix the house.
Money Minder said…
Sorry to hear about your car. It was really nice of your Dad to pay, though.

I hope you feel better (sometimes we all drown our sorrows in food and wine - don't feel bad).

I'm sure your luck will turn around and the rest of 2009 will be great for you :-)
Anonymous said…
Oh man! That sucks, but very generous of your dad! :)

You are right, tomorrow IS a new day!! :) Hang in there!

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