Lazy Sunday, Jan 4/09

Yep today was a lazy day. I did dishes, cooked supper, cleaned bedrooms, did laundry, had 2 naps ( one in the morning and one in the afternoon. I walked the dog 3 times, 20 minutes each time and read for a good part too! I never drove the car nor did I spend any money. I love days like this, they come few and far between. Tomorrow is back to the grind, I have 2 weeks left for sure working Monday to Friday. Tomorrow we'll be sitting down and completing the proposal for the new job, pray that it gets accepted!


Canadian Saver said…
Oh good luck with the proposal!!

Sounds like a great day :-)
Anonymous said…
I love "lazy" days too! However, your day doesn't sound that lazy at all! :P

Good luck with the proposal!!
Money Minder said…
Good Luck with the proposal!

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