Goals for 2009

Here goes and I'm making a very public commitment so people can hold me accountable for everything that's written here!


1.) Pay off student loan -currently stands @ 8, 754.03 ( November 1, 2009)
2.) pay off debt to mother -1500 ( December 31, 2009)
3.) open TFSA account -25/biweekly to start (this will be my emergence fund , Jan 5 I'll open it)
4.) open Christmas account 10/week ( I'll do this today !)
5.) pay DD's trip off (1350 is the balance I owe, pray her dad pays his share! March 24, 2009)
6.) not to use my visa until 2010)
7.) 12 no spend days /month


1.) quit smoking - mid February is my quit date ( if not sooner)
2.) walk more ( 5/week with puppy in tow)
3.) eat more fruits and veggies ( aim for 5 /day to start)


1.) do dishes every day ( I hate dishes with a passion, I'd rather clean a million toilets)
2.) sweep/vacuum daily every room ( I do this almost daily but...)
3.) continue to de-clutter
4.) follow my cleaning schedule (I'll tweak it a bit so week-ends are free of cleaning)

Personal goals:

1.) learn to play crib
2.) continue to make home cleaning products
3.)buy local products when ever possible
4.) bake 2/week
5.) to purchase myself some new clothing: I don't have a whole lot of options!

Home ownership:

1.) find the best mortgage rate (its up the end of May, this includes items below (85,000.00)
2.) have the exterior completed ( windows, siding, eaves, doors 20,000 including taxes and labour)
3.) have attic insulation removed (7,500 labour, taxes and replacement plus all the tests)

Some things will be completed sooner than later, while others will take me the entire year!

I also want to buy myself something for my 40th birthday (its not until November) probably a piece of jewelry around 100.00.

I'm also going to continue to keep a positive attitude, and count my blessings daily! I'm fortunate that I have a fantastic teenager who causes me little grief! ( if only she was more enthusiastic about her marks than the costumes she designs LOL)

Reflecting back on 2008, I can say that my life has improved greatly! ( when I compare it to 2007 I'll never have another year like that one again!)


Money Minder said…
Good Goals! I feel like I'm under-achieving ;)

Good Luck! You can do it. Keep us posted!
Money Minder, don't feel like your under under-achieving! It's taken over 20 years of working to finally get a grasp on my spending habits! Your have more knowledge than I in terms of investing, etc.
Canadian Saver said…
Good luck with your great list!!

Where are you opening your TFSA from????
I'm going with RBC for now, its 2.75% and I liked the options, plus when its time to remortgage i'd like to be in position to get a rate close to what i have now 4.4%.

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