Karma and popcorn seasoning!

OK, I have to share this little story about grocery shopping with my sister this afternoon. We went to Sobey's , as they had some excellent deals, ( buy 1, get 2 free), but they had none of the stuff left that we wanted. We both needed to picked up margarine and I promised chips to DD do off we go.

We get our stuff and my sister remembers that she wanted to get sour cream and chive popcorn seasoning. We find the seasoning and are checking out the unit prices. My sister decided to go with her usual brand and we're looking for the sour cream & chive, with a lady standing behind us, when my sister spots it and says "There it is, and almost has her hand on it when the lady who is behind us, grabs it and bolts down the isle!" It was the last one on the shelf too! She and her husband turned the corner really quick, because she knew that was the biggest bitch move ever! and my sister was ticked!

My sister and I ended up laughing about it, and I kept saying to my sister karma baby, something like that will happen to her some where! I'm still a bit dumb founded over the whole thing!

PS. My sister found the same seasoning @ the bulk barn for .90 cents, as oppsed to 2.99 + tax at teh grocery store, so we ended up having the last laugh!


Anonymous said…
Oh my gosh!! You've got to be kidding me. How rude is that!! But at least you found the cheaper version ;-)
I'M not kidding, it was like seeing a seagull in a McDonald's parking lot! She bolted down that isle like we were going to chase her, but my sister was dumbfounded. I still can picture the hand grab and the bolt when I close my eyes. Too funny! Like I said to my sister "Karma".
Money Minder said…
The grocery store can bring out the worst in some people. Especially during sales and the holidays.

I was shopping with a friend right before Christmas in 1990-something and we turned around to find some lady shopping OUT OF OUR CART!!! She apologized and said she thought it was abandoned (my friend's had was on the handle)

In the end we laughed, but we were pissed at the time.
Canadian Saver said…
That is crazy!!! I don't think I would have taken it as well as your sister!!

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