Sunday Jan 25/09

Today I intended to have a no spend day. My plans were to clean, cook and visit my god daughter. However, just after lunch, my mother called to tell me that a family friends father has passed away, and that he was being waked today. His grand daughter and my DD have been friends since grade one. We went to the wake and I was very proud of DD, she spoke with all the family and they all remembered her. Her friend was very happy to see her, even though they don't hang out with the same crowd any more. I spent 10.00 on a mass card while I was at the funeral home.

I did clean and have almost all the laundry done. I still have clutter piles on the table and filing cabinet in the kitchen and on my dresser. That's a job for tomorrow night.

Tomorrow I have to pay the VISA $ 300.00, The other 2 bills I'll write post date cheques for the 5th. ( Right now that's the only option I see).

I'm off to bed, I'm played out. Have a great week everyone! :)


Saver Queen said…
I'm very sorry to hear that, but happy to hear that DD was with her old friend. Being there like that can really mean a lot to someone, and I'm sure she really appreciated it.

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