Saturday's storm

Yesterday was a good dose of winter! Lots of snow and the wind! Brr, the windchill factor this morning is -16 C. This means that my furnace will be running a bit more today. I have it sent for 18.5 on the weekend days and 16.5 every night after 10. During the week it clicks in @ 5:30 @ 17.5 and drops down to 15.5 during the day time, and goes up to 18 @ 4:30 ( just when I'm leaving work and DD is usually finishing up @ school). I'll post about the cost when my tanks gets filled again.
Last night @ work it was very quiet! I was very thankful as I ended up making 45 in tips! TG. Today I need to buy a gift bag and card( its my goddaughter's B-day party this afternoon).I'll spend 2.30 on those 2 items. I'll go to the grocery store and pick up chicken, ground beef, bacon ( for Xmas), sausage, cat food, frozen peas, vinegar and hamburger buns. That should do for the week.
I plan on getting floor washed today, things tidied up and haul junk out of the basement. I've got a bit of laundry to do ( 1 load left). I'd like sit down tonight and go over my budget for December and get that nailed down. I want to have the couch and chair cleaned ( pay cash), the dog to the vet for his last set of needles (cash) and book his appointment to be fixed (in early January).


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