Thinking about Christmas

I added a count down until Christmas this morning, and I started to realize that I have 2 pays from my FT job and 3 from my PT job before Christmas! I actually only have a few more things to get and I'll be finished my shopping. I'll mail some cards at the beginning of December and I have enough wrapping paper, bows etc to do. I don't need any decorations or lights, but I will get my tree December 10th. I'll make a donation to the salvation Army by way of donating 2 sleeping bags, and clothing, dry goods to the food bank, and a toy for the toy drive.
I'll get my Christmas magazines out and flip though them, and reread my favorite books about the season. Christmas eve, my dad's family come here to hang out and be together. In the morning, we're going to my sisters to watch my nephew open his gifts and my DD has decided that we'll have brunch here, then its off to my mothers for supper . We'll spend the remainder of the day reading, eating chocolate and hanging out by the fire place.


Canadian Saver said…
You sound so calm about Christmas!! Definitely more prepared than most of us!!!

I like the countdown, I should count paychecks before then too!!

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