Good things happening

Today I managed to track down the man whose father built my home many years ago. I explained what happened when the home was sold the first time ( sans the 15x80 section). He said he'd come to the house and sign the papers as soon as he got back from a trip he was taking!
Second - the laundry soap I made? It rocks! The clothes come out of the washer and dryer soft! I noticed early last week and asked DD if she noticed too? She said she thought some thing was different but wasn't sure! I'll be making it again!
Third tomorrow I'll start taking my non-smoking medication again... Day 12 is my hardest day, so wish me luck!


Money Minder said…
Good luck with the smoking meds! Good news about your land issue

did you post the recipe for the laundry soap?
NO, but here's the recipe for the laundry soap:

8 cups baking soda (2L)
6 cups borax(1.5 L)
4 cups grated Castille soap(1L)
1 TBSP essential oil (lavender, lemon or grapefruit).

Mix all 4 ingredients in a large ice cream pail or similar container. Use 2 TBSP/load.

When I made it, I used a bar of laundry soap I bought @ the bulk barn. It took me about 15 minutes to grate it ( I used the fine side. I mixed it n my large bread bowl and put it in 2 glass candy jars that I bought. I also bought a coffee scoop (2TBSP measure) to use. If you have small kids they would probably love to grate the soap!

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