My Birthday was on Tuesday, bu I worked all day, so we decided that we'd have cake on Wednesday after supper. When I got home from work, my family was here. They had tidied up, and bought me flowers. We had Chinese food for supper , carrot cake with cream cheese icing for dessert and cupcakes for those who didn't like carrot cake. It was yummy! I smoke 2 cigarettes yesterday. I'm on vacation today and tomorrow! My goals for today is to complete all my outside work today! One of the best parts about yesterday? I spent no money again! That's 3 days so far this month!


Canadian Saver said…
Happy belated birthday!!! Sounds like a good time with your family :-)

Good luck with the quitting smoking! I'm behind on blog reading so just caught that... I'll follow your journey when I get home on the weekend!

Enjoy the time off :-)

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