No spend days

I've just gone back and checked the past few months to see how I've been doing with my no spend days. September was 9, October was 11, and November will be 14! My goal for December will be 16! When I did my December schedule I forgot that the puppy has a vet appointment on the 4th. So that makes 12 confirmed spend dates! That leaves me with 3 days... I just got a message on my machine for OT @ my full-time job, but I'm not going to go. That would make for working 12 days straight and I just can't do it! My house is a wreck (as always, but I'm working on that) and I have plans made, cleaning , decorating, making gingerbread houses and shopping for work. I also have a bunch of junk in the basement to toss ( or stuff that people can take), and passport applications to complete. My house cleaning will start @ 8:30 and I'm going to commit 3 hours to that, then a shower, shop for work and to my cousins place for gingerbread houses. I'd like to get the decorations up in the living room tonight ( it should only take 1/2 hour or so).


Canadian Saver said…
Sounds like you have a great plan for December!!

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