Tuesday are made for making money

I worked 4.5 hours tonight and made 32.00, plus brought food home ( for free). That means DD's lunch is covered for tomorrow. As for me, that money will go towards gas for the car ( I have 41.38 for cash). I also need to call my phone company and reduce my bill. I don't call anyone long distance ( they all call here), and i'll change my message saying that I won't be calling any one long distance so they'll have to call back. I figure its one more small way to hopefully cut down on expenses!

Tomorrow I'll try not to spend any money, but I'll have to see what the gas tank says( if the light goes on I need gas asap). Thursday, I'll be away with work for the day... and DD writes her drivers permit that day too. ( if she passes its 88.50) My mother is on chauffeur duty that day.


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