Not one red cent!

That's what I spent today... Nothing! That's makes 3 days so far this week, and considering I have 10.77 in the bank, I highly doubt I'll be spending anything tomorrow either! Sunday I'll have to spend a bit of money on a few groceries (eggs -1.99, Italian sausage for pasta and lentil soup -3.00, carrots-2.50, celery -2.50, mushrooms - 2.50, etc. I need laundry soap too, but I'm digging out my copies of Harrowsmith country life and make my own!
The added bonus this week is I have a 3.00 off coupon for the Bulk barn if you spend 10.00 or more! I can buy the few things that I need for my muffin mix and the house and save a few bucks!
My goal will to spend around 45.00 on people food, 20.00 on puppy food ( about a 21 day supply) and 10.00 on cat food ( 2 weeks).
My plans for tonight are to go through the flyers and plan a menu, walk the dog and maybe watch a bit of TV. Oh, what a low key life I live!


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