pay day and there's almost nothing left!

Yes, I got paid today and here's where the money went:
1.) Car repairs -268.88 (that's an oil change, new winter wipers, winter tires put on, new thermostat put in the heater, and a tune-up.
2.) DD's conference this week-end -40
3.) student loan 250
4.) mortgage 250
5.) RRSP -50
6.) LOC- 79
7.) savings - 25
8.) car insurance 52.27
9.) bank fees-10.95
10.) left in the bank? 10.77
11.) My DD got waxed this evening- 20/for brows, upper lip and under arms ( this money was from what I made on Tuesday @ my PT job)

All I can say is thank goodness I'm working on Saturday night. I should make around 75.00 that night. I get paid from my PT job on the 20th ( it should be around 225) and CTC is in on the 20th. That money will go on Visa.

My pay from my FT job is on the 27th. I need to pay my hydro(105), phone (105) and satellite (35), plus LOC #2 -100. That will leave me with about 50 to spare.

I'm not going to be spending a whole lot more on Christmas, maybe 200 as I've got the bulk of everything done! Just a couple of little things left and I'm done! I'll mix up muffin mixes to give as hostess gifts for the parties I'll attend, but that shouldn't cost any more than 10.


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