Saturday spending Nov 29/08

Here's what I spent today:
2 @ 5.00 seafood calzones =10.00
chick pea curry 4.00 and rice dish 6.00 =10.00 ( this is so yummy, i asked the lady if she ever thought about giving a class)
I went to my local farmers market this morning to order my organic chicken and local pork for Christmas dinner the chicken will be here in 2 weeks, the pork in 3, so I spent 20.00 there.
4@1.25 frozen pizza dough =5.00
Secret Santa gift =9.00
groceries-11.00 cash 9.77 debit + .50 for the kids who were bagging groceries. total 22.27
Groceries were:
asiago cheese 4.99
baguette 1.99
baguette 2.29
milk 3.60
ground sausage 3.99+1.00 off coupon =2.99
bread 1.60 (it was 50% off b/c of the date)
lettuce (1.75 B/c of date)
bananas 1.56 (1.30 kg)

I'm off now to get cleaned up before having my passport photos taken! :)

DD is bagging groceries for a fundraiser today, so i need to go back and pick her up before our appointment. The dog won't be getting his photo taken with Santa as I'm running out of time and still have to do stuff around the house and get ready for work.


Canadian Saver said…
Don't you just love the farmers' market??!!

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