making apple pies

This afternoon, my mom, my sister and I made apple pies. We made 8 in total, but had to cook one to see how the crust was! My sister made the pie crusts, I peeled and my mom finished them. It was my sisters first time making pie crust from scratch and it was flaky! My mom is giving them away for Christmas. Instead of buying us gifts, she is going to bake for us! I've requested meat pies, ( she doesn't add veggies, just beef, pork and chicken), my sisters both want fruit cake and my brother gum drop cake. She'll make some other treats for us too!
I did spend money today:
- 42.49 on gas +2.00 on a scratch ticket = 44.49
-12.15 @ the grocery store on bananas, pie plates, milk and a cucumber.
-78.00 to my mother for Costco.
WE had chicken and broccoli fettuccine with Alfredo sauce. My DD had made the sauce earlier in the week, and I had the broccoli to be used up! The chicken we had cooked and froze, so it was a cheap supper but tasted yummy! After supper I mopped up floors and did dishes, while Dd cleaned the bathroom. I also did a couple of loads of laundry ( as always).


Canadian Saver said…
Mmmmm homemade goodies make great gifts!

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