I won't be spending any money today... nor make any @ work tonight

It's the first official snow storm today. I've got the driveway shoveled already, it took about an hour and a half in total to do! The puppy loved the snow, he stayed out the whole time jumping and frolicking around, eating snow and playing with the kids in the neighborhood. It was a lot of fun shoveling today, even my DD thought so. With a storm like this, there will be very few people out and about today. I've got to work @ 5, and will probably not make very much money :( I've got enough food to do until the end of next week so no worries there! ( I'd really like to stock up on meat this week if possible) and I should have enough gas to last until pay day. Things are looking up!


Canadian Saver said…
Be careful on the roads! Sounds like fun cleaning out though! It's pretty much over here now, but we got more than predicted.

I'm in for the whole day, being lazy :-)

Good luck with tips tonight!

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