TGIF, and a possible snow storm!

It's Friday again and I've spent 24.07 @ the grocery store tonight. I bought 2 kinds of chips, 2 L of Pepsi, a rotisserie chicken, Pillsbury country biscuits, instant mashed potatoes with gravy and a lb of 50/50 ( butter and oleo combined). The chicken we 'll get at least 3 meals from and the rest I'm too lazy to cook tonight and seriously considered getting take-out but decided at the last second to do what we did. MY DD prepped supper.
I stayed outside and got the last of the summer stuff away. I also hung the ladder up, and got the shovels and stuff ready for the morning. I also checked the level in my oil barrel and its still 3/4 full. I also have just a little over a 1/4 tank of gas left, so I'm hoping that will do until Thursday... I doubt I'll spend money tomorrow, but if I do, I won't spend on Sunday, Monday or Tuesday...
Tomorrow will be cleaning, eating and working. Sunday I'm not sure yet. I have a few recipes for making homemade bath salts and lip balms. That may be a good project for that day...


Canadian Saver said…
Hope we don't get a lot of snow!! It'll be worse in NS.

Those rotisserie chickens are so yummy! Love them too :-)

Have a great weekend!
It's 7:15 and I've already been out to shovel the back door! So much for a possible storm!

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