Manic Monday's

Today was a fairly busy day. I smoked 5 times, each time average of five puffs! It's making me nauseous when I smoke (TG).
I was late leaving work ( Puppy had a vet appointment) and when I got home I transferred funds from my saving account to my checking account so I would not use my visa. Then I couldn't find my bank card! I had 30 in cash, so I grabbed the visa, cash and puppy and off we went. He has a tape worm (its really bad), he gained 10 lbs in 5 weeks and he got his second set of needles total cost 30 cash, 42.?? on visa.
I found my bank card afterwards, and transferred the money back to the saving account. I then started supper (beef stir fry with brown rice), Put on a big pot of rice and couldn't find any baggies or empty containers to put the extra rice into freeze! I also found my blue cross refund check(70.04) while the rice was starting to cook and decided to go to the grocery store and the bank machine to deposit my check. I took out 20 so I'd spend cash @ the grocery store. I bought coffee, baggies, PC onion dip and ruffles onion dip for 14.98.
While i was gone DD watched the rice and got the rest of the stuff out for supper. I prepped and cooked supper while she made her lunch for tomorrow. All the dishes are now done, the floors swept and I've got to wipe up all the floors!

Total spneding today: 87.??


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