getting home from work

Its 3:06 am and I've been home from mt PT work for 25 minutes. Yuck! The puppy went out to pee, so I'm hoping to sleep until 7ish... It was a very busy night and I only waited tables for 3 hours tonight, then managed the restaurant until close. I made 45 in tips ( major bummer, I've been averaging 75). So I'll be spending a max of 50 @ the grocery store tomorrow. I cleaned my fridge today and its very empty!
My DD asked me to bring her some food as she was starving, but I figured she'd survive the night just fine(she's asleep m now, so it would have just sat in the fridge!) I've got to go and get a bit of sleep!


Canadian Saver said…
I don't know how you do it all! I'd be seriously drained...

Sorry tips were lower than usual :-(

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