Quitting smoking

Some times it takes me a very long time to make a decision but when I do, watch out! Yes, I can now say that I've officially gone more than 40 hours not smoking! It has taken many tries and a lot of will power, but this time its different. Part of the reason is My DD has a BF who's dad was diagnosed over 4 months ago with both lung and prostate cancer ( he's currently under going chemo). I also noticed a line or two around the face and and I was tired of smelling like a cigarette! Wish me luck!
On the other hand I spent no money today nor do i have any plans to! I'm going to wash the bathroom down and prep the ceiling to paint tomorrow! We are also going tackle the basement tomorrow! I have to work tomorrow night @ 5, but it won't be too bad, make a few bucks to put away for grocery money... Got to go, supper is almost done.


Canadian Saver said…
Congratulations!!!! Is it still going so well?

Think too of all the money you are going to save :-) Have you calculated what it would be over the span of 1 year? Do it!
I just figured out that I'll save at least 1,326.00 based on 3 packs a week @ 8.50/ pack. Some days are harder than others, but I'm taking it minute by minute. My mantra is "I'm choosing NOT to smoke right now". I'm not going to convenience stores either and that helps.

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