saturday nights @ the resturant

It was one crazy night! I didn't think I'd make very much money b/c sometimes when its so busy, you can't give tables the service they deserve. By the grace of god, i made my 80.00 goal tonight. I'm very happy! I ended up spending 10.00 having the puppy's photo taken for the SPCA fundraiser (2@ 5.00/photo). Plus 2.00 for the Salavation army containers, and 6.32 @ the dollar store on a lint brush, chocolates (they're the odd shaped Gagnong's chocolates and they sell for 3.00 a container) chips and 01 can of pop ( this was for my DD). I do have to buy stuff for my mother @ M& M meats tomorrow, plus do a bit of shopping for my full time job tomorrow.


Canadian Saver said…
$80 is a lot of money, way to go!!

Bet the puppy pics were cute :-)

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