Making ginger bread houses

That's what we did this afternoon. I did clean for 3 hours, but still have floors to clean ( tomorrow night) and decorating the living room. I ran my errands and my cousin whose house we were going to asked me to picked her up a few things, and she'd give me the money when I got there. So I did. We got to her home and spent almost 5 hours there. I finished my house in about 2 hours, then I had a nap on her couch for an hour ( I was tired I only slept about 5 hours the night before) and ate supper. I made a artichoke and asiago cheese dip with baguette and brought the lettuce I bought the day before to help out.
I mus say our house turned out amazing! As soon as they send us the pictures, I'll try to post them! My DD did a pink & purple themed house ( very girlie), while mine looks like a log cabin ( lots of pretzels!) My cousin buys for all the supplies as a gift for us, and I host the family Christmas Eve celebration. The gingerbread houses are a new tradition ( third year running) and the girls were saying when they go away to school, they all have to be back together to decorate them!
So while I spent money today, it technically was not mine! 14 no spend days! and to think two months ago it was hard to get eight!
Tomorrow its back to work for the day (I'm planning on leaving early to get passports done), supper, house work and bed! DD's friend is coming to stay tomorrow for the week, which will be very different for me, 2 teens instead of 1.
Spending for tomorrow - 40.00 for appointment.


Canadian Saver said…
Sounds like a great tradition!! I've never done a gingerbread house... I should try it.

You do know that anyone with a passport can be your guarantor, right? Even a family member. My sister signed for mine... very easy now.
Canadian Saver said…
I hit send too fast.

Congratulations on your no spend day total!!

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